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ProtoFi is audited and KYC’ed and has just launched.

Meet the ProtoFi protocol, an answer for a sustainable solution in the current DeFi, token distribution and token farming paradigm: The first community-driven, user-owned AMM on the Polygon network giving every investor the chance to become a shareholder combined with healthy…

Part 4 in Q4

Read Part 2 of our Q3 Dev Roadmap article HERE.

AnySwap Bridge to Avalanche and Fantom

We’re live on AnySwap and users can now bridge ICE between Avalanche<>Polygon<>Fantom by using AnySwap’s bridge router! In order to more efficiently promote the Iron Finance brand on other chains, the token ticker on Avalanche and Fantom will be $IronICE.

$AVAX Liquidity Incentives

Some of the hottest bridges out there are made of ICE

- Please read our previous Q3 Dev Roadmap article!!!
- The stablecoin story
- $FTM & $AVAX incentives
- ICE Bridge
- DFYN x IronLend
- Other topics

🎯Introduction: Maintaining Agility

The amount of innovation and product development in blockchain pushes all projects to remain fast-paced in order to keep up with…

Polygon Network is already congested. A day ahead of our launch!?

- Please read our previous IRON Stablecoin design article
- Launch on Wednesday, 25 August 2021 @ 9AM UTC
- Kick-off parameters revealed
- “How-to-mint” infographic included

We must build a stable stablecoin, one that retains it’s properties and attractiveness in the long-term and is strongly integrated with other…

Sam came to us first. Is it our turn to come to Sam next?

TL;DR: Stablecoin launch, IronDAO, Cardano testnet, Insurance, Compensation.

1️⃣ IRON Stablecoin

Target release date: Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Our stablecoin design has been presented in detail last week. We want to allow ourselves another 10 days for thorough testing. We want to thank our governance community for their ongoing contribution as well as…

Iron Finance Compensation Committee, ca 17 August 1921


We must find a compensation plan with the best fit between “Compensate A.S.A.P.” versus “Maximize compensation amounts in USD-terms for most affected users”. This article is aimed at summarizing these two topics and propose the next steps.

Over the past three weeks, the Compensation thread in our Discord has attracted…

Users standing in line to deposit IRON at the bank

- Stablecoin launch scheduled for August
- Over-collateralized and soft-pegged
- Strong integration with IronSwap and IronLend
- A portion of collateral must be in ICE token
- Decentralized governance module for important parameters voting
- Details will be discussed in our Governance channel on Discord and Docs
- The compensation topic will come in…

1. IronLend launching with ICE incentives, August 4 @ 1PM UTC
2. Reducing ICE rewards for IronSwap stablefarm, August 4 @ 1PM UTC
3. Increasing ICE rewards for ICE/ETH and ICE/USDC farms
4. Overall, no increase in daily ICE emissions

1) IronLend

We are proud to announce the long-awaited release of…

Last week we announced a partnership and cross-integration of the PUSD stablecoin into the IronSwap ecosystem. This consisted of adding the PUSD-3pool pair (PUSD and USDC+USDT+DAI) to the IronSwap DEX, followed up with a 30-day PYQ liquidity incentive campaign by PolyQuity. This quickly attracted $1.5M …

Earn USDC at 300%+ APR?

With a current reward of 11,108 USDC per day, our stakers are earning a very juicy 300%+ APR (and even more, if USDC rewards are reinvested and compounded!), creating a sustainable profit-distribution environment from the very beginning.

Most Users Choose to Lock ICE for 3 Years (no clickbait!)

With the launch of the Iron Finance Governance, users are able to lock…

Iron Finance

Building a user-friendly, multi-chain stableswap and lending ecosystem. Community chat:

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