DiamondHand Castles liquidity upgrade

Currently, with DiamondHand, we have multiple Castles where users stake their DND tokens to earn BTCB, ETH, BNB, ADA and DOT every epoch. For detailed Castle stats, see the Treasury page.

The changes we will roll out aim to increase our DND token's liquidity as the core token of the DiamondHand ecosystem. This is particularly important in the context of our upcoming lending platform, which will give an important use case for synthetic dTokens.

The Castle update will go live on 16 May and rewards will start at block height https://bscscan.com/block/countdown/7473280

This update is imperative to increase liquidity of DND. Single-asset staking does not contribute to DND liquidity at all. We are switching to DND-IRON 50/50 pools as follows:

  • Stake DND-IRON > earn BTC
  • Stake DND-IRON > earn BNB
  • Stake DND-IRON > earn ETH
  • Stake DND-IRON > earn ADA
  • Stake DND-IRON > earn DOT
  • Additionally: stake 100% DND > earn DND (rate to be determined)

As an additional benefit, this will increase demand and liquidity for IRON via these five DND-IRON LPs.

We will move closer to the more sustainable Iron Finance Foundry’s reward model. Therefore, rewards emission in each Castle will be paid out based on:

  • Excess collateral (ECR > TCR)
  • Profits from invested idle collaterals
  • Treasury funding

The dToken minting and redemption fees are also be added to the excess collaterals pools and reinvested to increase the amount of excess collateral.

Currently, the Castle uses a 12-hour epoch reward model. Epochs will not exist anymore. Instead, we are switching to a block-based rewards model. There will be no lockup of LPs (currently, lockup is 4 epochs = 48 hours). Also, having no lockup makes the pools auto-compound friendly.



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