Farms Revision (28 May 2021)

Polygon Farms

There are no changes in terms of emission schedule or inflation rate. The changes are aimed at increasing the amount of staked TITAN, thus reducing sell pressure, and additionally increase liquidity.

  1. TITAN -> TITAN will be changed to TITAN -> USDC
    Reward rate: 10,000 USDC per day
  2. TITAN/IRON -> USDC will be changed to TITAN/IRON -> TITAN
    Reward rate: 63,927 TITAN per day

BSC Farms

The , amounting to 20,000 STEEL per day, is officially ending on 28th May. The following changes to BSC farms will take place:

  1. STEEL -> STEEL will be changed to STEEL -> BUSD
    Reward rate: 2,000 BUSD per day (to be revised and increased when IRON supply grows)

2. STEEL/IRON -> BUSD. This farm will be removed, rewards will stop.

3. IRON/BUSD -> STEEL, reward rate increase from 14,400 STEEL per day to 20,000 STEEL per day.

4. New farm: ACS4IRON LP. The will be incentivized with 10,000 STEEL per day.

partial-collateralized stablecoin on bsc and polygon —

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