Introducing IRON private vaults


As many of you know, safety has been our #1 priority and we have been putting the safety of our users’ funds above everything and anything. Today, we are proudly presenting our latest product, a unique private vault system, which adds another layer of security.

Link to IRON private vaults:

Rare footage of a private vault in the wild

What are IRON private vaults?

IRON private vaults are owned by only one single user. This means that one vault allows for only one depositor. These private vaults are created as a compliment to our wonderful community and users who provide liquidity and want to compound manually with absolutely no fees.

Key features

Below are some key features and differences between IRON private vaults and vaults of other yield aggregators:

  • Privacy: You own what is solely yours. You will have your own vault contract which you can directly interact with, via our UI or even via PolygonScan.
  • Security: As a custom vault that is owned by only you, and allows only you to deposit, it makes these vaults increasingly secure.
  • Compounding: Although we only support manual compounding at the moment, with a little bit of programming skills, you could create your own bot to do the auto-compounding if you wish so. Our team will try to create a toolkit or sample so you can quickly create your own butler-bot to run on your computer or as a serverless application.
  • No fees: We have created these vaults to show our appreciation for you. Therefore, your private vaults will be free of any fees or charges.


Image credits go to our Discord community member Norrin Rad.




Building a user-friendly, multi-chain stableswap and lending ecosystem. Community chat:

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Iron Finance

Building a user-friendly, multi-chain stableswap and lending ecosystem. Community chat:

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