Iron Finance Announces Partnership with QuickSwap

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with the largest DEX on the Polygon network and from now on, QuickSwap and IronFinance are going to work together. QuickSwap is the leading DEX on Polygon with $1 billion in liquidity, over $200 million of daily trading volume and the highest number of users.

Iron Finance is the leading partially collateralized stablecoin protocol on the Polygon network with $250 million in TVL. The IRON stablecoin is backed partially by USDC and dynamically by our TITAN share-token.

This partnership enables us to greatly expand our liquidity and footprint on Polygon, as well as providing both communities with new reward opportunities!

The following partnership pools will launch:

IRON/USDC QuickSwap LP: 223,744 TITAN per day, launch on Iron Finance website

TITAN/ETH QuickSwap LP: 65 QUICK per day (≈$50,000 daily), launch on Quickswap

The pools will go live on June 3, 2021 at 2pm UTC.

Benefits for Iron Finance

The most significant benefit is the approximately $1.5 million per month worth of QUICK token rewards that will be distributed to TITAN-ETH liquidity providers, which will in turn greatly boost liquidity for TITAN.

Secondly, our partnership with QuickSwap ensures presence of IRON and TITAN on Polygon’s two largest DEXes, along with the leading DEX aggregator 1inch. This greatly increases our visibility on Polygon, ahead of our in-house built lending platform and vaults launch this month.

Our TITAN and IRON token on QuickSwap will be whitelisted, meaning you don’t have to enter the contract address manually, simply type in TITAN or IRON, and it will be included in your list.

Current SushiSwap pools

The number of daily TITAN emissions is not going to change at all. Instead, the existing 447,488 TITAN per day IRON-USDC emission will be equally split between the QuickSwap IRON-USDC and the SushiSwap IRON-USDC pools.

Our SushiSwap LPs (liquidity pools) will continue paying rewards as before. However, the SushiSwap IRON-USDC LP farm’s TITAN rewards will be reduced by 50% to 223,744 TITAN per day, because we are going to allocate the other 50% (223,744 TITAN per day) to the new QuickSwap IRON-USDC liquidity pool.

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