Iron Finance & Beefy Vaults

We are excited to announce the launch of Iron Finance and DiamondHand vaults on, the leading yield farming optimizer on Binance Smart Chain and one of the oldest projects on BSC in general. The Beefy vaults will cover all of our Iron Finance and DiamondHand farms, currently 9 farms in total, and will be deployed over a course of a week or two, starting next week already.

After depositing Pancake LP token in the Beefy vault, users enjoy seamless auto-compounding of their liquidity. This helps save on personal time and transaction fees, and automatically reinvests earnings. Attempting to do this manually would result in large inefficiencies so at Beefy they like to say: “Sit back and relax, the Beefy vault does all the work for you.” Another benefit is that Beefy is also integrated with many yield tracking and portfolio monitoring tools such as yieldwatch,, 0xtracker,, and others.

To make this announcement even more interesting, we will also have Beefy as our vaults partner on Polygon, shortly after our cross-chain expansion. More details about Iron Finance and Polygon will be revealed in our next article tomorrow. Stay tuned for more Iron Finance ecosystem news focused on product development and partnerships.