Iron Finance Expansion to Polygon


How is it going to work?

Beefy partnership

Tokenomics on Polygon

TITAN emission

  • Total supply: 1 billion
  • Allocation: 700 million for community liquidity mining, 300 million for Treasury
  • The Treasury fund will be used for partnerships, collaborations, marketing, as dev fund and to incentivize the Foundry and it is vested over 36 months. There is no pre-mine or dev reward, just 5k IRON and 45k TITAN has been mined to launch the project and to add initial funds to liquidity pools.

TITAN liquidity on SushiSwap!

  • We will launch our TITAN liquidity pools on SushiSwap. The farms will be on our Iron Finance homepage
  • The exact block height of the launch will be announced
  • Emission rate at launch: 639,270 TITAN per day
  • TITAN/MATIC: 191,780 TITAN per day (30%)
  • IRON/USDC: 447,488 TITAN per day (70%)
  • There will be no locked rewards with these farms and new farms may be added later!

The Foundry (TITAN staking)

  • Once we have accumulated some excess collateral for distribution, the Foundry with TITAN/IRON LP token staking will go live as well. The Foundry will include certain updates which are already live with DiamondHand Castles on BSC. Further details will be shared in a separate article.
  • TITAN staking, which earns TITAN rewards, will be live at launch.
  • No locked rewards

Benefits for Iron Finance on BSC



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