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Article highlights (TL;DR)

  • Iron Finance relaunch scheduled for Monday, 12 July 2021 at 1PM UTC on Polygon Network

Please continue to read for more details. For the initial article about the Iron Finance relaunch, please see here.


As most of you are already aware, the Iron Finance team has renounced ownership of the old TITAN token, it is now actively managed by the TitanDAO community initiative. As explained in our previous Medium article, STEEL, TITAN and DND tokens are no longer part of the Iron Finance products and ecosystem.

The new official Iron Finance token to replace the TITAN token will be the ICE token (=“TITANv2”). We were inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire novels, where the Iron Throne is a well-known symbol.

ICE tokenomics

- Max supply 10 billion ICE (hard cap)
- Max supply to be reached in 3 years

ICE distribution

IronSwap (Iron Finance stableswap)

  • 1B ICE for 3stables pool (USDC/USDT/DAI) liquidity incentives


  • 1B ICE for liquidity incentives to IronLend

Iron stablecoin

  • 4.5B ICE for IRONv2 stablecoin liquidity incentives

Compensation Fund

  • 2.9B ICE for the Compensation Fund


  • 0.1B ICE for marketing and audits


  • Please be aware of fake compensation websites, scam channels with our name, and fake admins asking for your private keys or offering support

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