Iron Finance Roadmap: April and May 2021

We at Iron are committed to transparently communicate our plans and want to share a teaser on the Iron Finance Project and Product timelines for the upcoming 8-week period of April and May 2021. While more detail about key releases will be covered in separate upcoming articles, below is a brief overview of planned dates for each event.

Project and Activity timeline

Week 1 (03 Apr) — SIL Compensation start
Week 2 (10 Apr) — Diamond project kick-off
Week 4 (24 Apr) — STEEL locked rewards release
Week 8 (29 May) — SIL Compensation End

Week 1 of April will mark the start of the SIL Compensation program (that will last until 29th of May) and will offer STEEL tokens to SIL holders eligible for the compensation (

The Diamond Project will kick-off during Week 2. The Project will be explained in our next article, in about 2 days.

Week 4 starts with STEEL locked rewards release for vFarm LP holders that had their rewards vested.

In general, we expect to see a number of independent products, projects and businesses integrating IRON as a payment method. For example, we are discussing the integration of IRON coin into a licensed e-casino. We will share more about various use cases and integration updates as they go live.

Product timeline

Week 1 (02 Apr): Audit done! — Omniscia
Week 3(17 Apr): Investment vault (up to two strategies)
Week 4 (24 Apr): Lottery
Week 6 (May): NFT product kick-off
Week 7 (May): Lending
Week 8 (May): Experiment on Savings product (deposit IRON, earn interest in IRON)

Our first audit was successfully completed by Omniscia. As our products and codebase expand, we plan on additional audits in April and May.

Already in Week 3 of April, we are expecting to roll out Investment Vaults with multi-strategies producing an additional income stream for the protocol and its users, especially STEEL stakers in the Foundry.

During Week 4 we are going to launch a simple Lottery product using Iron with the goal of further Iron use case expansion.

Week 6 will feature our NFT product launch (product name TBA) bringing NFT’s to the Iron ecosystem. While more info will be released later in April, we can alpha leak that the NFTs will have intrinsic value coming from integration within the Iron ecosystem.

Week 7 and 8 come with multiple surprises including two huge features — Lending and an experimental Savings productdeposit IRON and earn interest in IRON. Lending is certainly a popular feature in crypto and we are committed to premiering on a few platforms over the next months, including cross-chain opportunities.

Thank you for your time and make sure to check out our first in a series of videos explaining Iron Finance.



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