Re-build after ValueDeFi attack and other updates, part 2


Following the Value DeFi incident which greatly affected our users, we are working tirelessly on rebuilding Iron Finance. Expect to hear from us progress updates on a daily basis as we strive to efficiently and promptly replace Value DeFi products and features. In parallel, we are trying to also keep pace with our Roadmap and other deliverables as planned.

Rome wasn’t (re)built in a day but we are working very fast indeed to get things back on track so thank you for your patience.

Diamond Hand: dADA and dDOT

After dBTC, dBNB and dETH, we are kicking off two more synthetic tokens at once: dADA and dDOT. The choice for these two assets comes from our opinion that the liquidity of ADA and DOT on Binance Smart Chain is fairly low and we see a sweet spot for these two synthetic tokens, especially in the context of our upcoming own lending platform.

Farm dADA-ADA:

Diamond Castles: rewards adjustment

The following applies to all Castles (dBTC, dBNB, dETH, dADA and dDOT).
The ongoing Castles APR is still very high and with uncertain sustainability, especially when comparing with other single-asset (no impermanent loss) farms or with our own Iron Finance Foundry. In order to accommodate more Diamond Castles and to balance out the rewards between them, we will adjust the reward rates as below:

  • BTCB: 0.02 BTC per epoch
  • BNB: 2 BNB per epoch
  • ETH: 0.3 ETH per epoch
  • ADA: 1000 ADA per epoch
  • DOT: 45 DOT per epoch

The changes and new castle will be in effect at Epoch 58

DragonBall Lottery

DragonBall lottery will resume the next draw on May 12nd, 2PM UTC

partial-collateralized stablecoin on bsc and polygon —

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