TLDR: ~ 41,685 TITAN from Dev team allocation will be used to compensate STEEL users who were affected.


On 07 May 2021, STEEL users in the following two farms were affected by the ValueDeFi incident:

IRON-STEEL 60%-40% ValueDeFi vFarm
STEEL-BUSD 70%-30% ValueDeFi vFarm

The losses calculated for these two pools amount to $1,528,440 in total.

Compensation Plan

Please head over to and check the allocated amount of TITAN for compensation.

  • We assume that 1 IRON = 1 BUSD
  • We assume that 1 STEEL = $2.1 …

Over the past few weeks, as market conditions worsened for crypto as a whole, TITAN and STEEL have stood out as gems. While the rest of the market fell, with BTC declining around 50% from its recent highs, TITAN and STEEL have both risen 1,000% in value in a relatively short period of time. These price movements make TITAN and STEEL two of the best performing bear-proof assets in the entire crypto market. In this article, we’re going to explain the reason behind this phenomenon.

Calling All Bears

As bearish sentiment continues to dominate the crypto markets, traders are selling their coins and…


As many of you know, safety has been our #1 priority and we have been putting the safety of our users’ funds above everything and anything. Today, we are proudly presenting our latest product, a unique private vault system, which adds another layer of security.

Link to IRON private vaults:

Rare footage of a private vault in the wild

What are IRON private vaults?

IRON private vaults are owned by only one single user. This means that one vault allows for only one depositor. These private vaults are created as a compliment to our wonderful community and users who provide liquidity and want to compound manually with absolutely no fees.

Key features

Below are some…

Iron Finance launched its project on the Polygon network on 18 May 2021. In these short few weeks since launch, the project has caught fire and amassed nearly $1.2 billion in TVL! With so much success in such a short time, the team of Iron Finance team would like to thank the community and all of its users for their incredible support.

Such rapid growth is nearly unprecedented in DeFi, let alone on the Polygon network. With this level of continuous success, IRON is looking like it could be DeFi’s next blue-chip token. …

The month of May has been a tumultuous one for crypto markets, as bearish sentiment has taken over and sent the price of Bitcoin and alts crashing. The most painful portion of this crash occurred on May 19, sending the price of Bitcoin from ~$43k to ~$30k in a matter of hours as the market capitulated. Throughout this flash crash, many stablecoins struggled to keep the peg, as many of the stabilizing algorithms could not keep up with the falling tide. In this article, we’re going to analyze the IRON peg and compare it to some of its alternatives.

Bitcoin crash on 19 May 2021

In traditional markets, the term “capital efficiency” is often used to refer to the ratio of money that a company must spend to receive a certain return. It speaks to the return on investment a company receives for a certain investment, product or service. This term is often used in reference to marketing. For the crypto market — particularly for stablecoins — the way we think about capital efficiency is entirely different. …

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with the largest DEX on the Polygon network and from now on, QuickSwap and IronFinance are going to work together. QuickSwap is the leading DEX on Polygon with $1 billion in liquidity, over $200 million of daily trading volume and the highest number of users.

Iron Finance is the leading partially collateralized stablecoin protocol on the Polygon network with $250 million in TVL. The IRON stablecoin is backed partially by USDC and dynamically by our TITAN share-token.

This partnership enables us to greatly expand our liquidity and footprint on Polygon, as…

Today we have successfully deployed our own, in-house developed investment vault, which allows us to invest a maximum of 75% of the idle USDC collateral to generate a more sustainable stream of USDC income to users staking TITAN.

Live USDC vault stats can be tracked via our Treasury page at and will also include historical daily data shortly for full transparency on data.

Even though we had a governance vote on the two ratios of the investment vaults which is now deployed to IronFinance Polygon, the participation in the vote was so low that we have decided to use…

Polygon Farms

There are no changes in terms of emission schedule or inflation rate. The changes are aimed at increasing the amount of staked TITAN, thus reducing sell pressure, and additionally increase liquidity.

  1. TITAN/IRON -> USDC will be changed to TITAN/IRON -> TITAN
    Reward rate: 63,927 TITAN per day

BSC Farms

The SIL compensation, amounting to 20,000 STEEL per day, is officially ending on 28th May. The following changes to BSC farms will take place:


The Iron Finance ecosystem is going cross-chain to the Polygon (Matic) network. We’re doing this to bring our protocols and products to new users on Polygon and for our ecosystem to grow on multiple chains simultaneously! Polygon is an Ethereum side-chain which at the moment offers lightning-fast and super cheap transactions.

We are going live on Polygon on Tuesday, 18th May 2021, at 4 pm UTC

Since we will be present on two chains at the same time, and likely more in the future, our protocols must remain aligned and similar to each other on both chains. …


partial-collateralized stablecoin on bsc and polygon —

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