Iron Finance

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Some of the hottest bridges out there are made of ICE

🎯Introduction: Maintaining Agility

Polygon Network is already congested. A day ahead of our launch!?


Sam came to us first. Is it our turn to come to Sam next?

1️⃣ IRON Stablecoin

2️⃣ IronDAO

Iron Finance Compensation Committee, ca 17 August 1921


Users standing in line to deposit IRON at the bank

Design Outline

1) IronLend

a) Assets

Earn USDC at 300%+ APR?

Most Users Choose to Lock ICE for 3 Years (no clickbait!)

IronLend preview

1. Platform fees for BlueICE stakers (IronLend Profit Model)

Iron Finance

Building a user-friendly, multi-chain stableswap and lending ecosystem. Community chat:

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