Iron Finance Governance Launch — Wrap up

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3 min readJul 24, 2021


Earn USDC at 300%+ APR?

With a current reward of 11,108 USDC per day, our stakers are earning a very juicy 300%+ APR (and even more, if USDC rewards are reinvested and compounded!), creating a sustainable profit-distribution environment from the very beginning.

Most Users Choose to Lock ICE for 3 Years (no clickbait!)

With the launch of the Iron Finance Governance, users are able to lock their farmed ICE tokens and receive BlueICE tokens in return. Then, fees generated from the usage of Iron Finance products are distributed to BlueICE stakers as USDC dividends.

In fact, it has only been over a week since launching Governance, and there is already nearly 3 million ICE locked — a fantastic start for such a short time period. Even more astounding is that 55% of users have chosen to lock their ICE for 3 years to receive a bigger USDC profit share!

Best strategy during DeFi summer break?

You are actually just a few clicks away from earning USDC profits without even having to buy any ICE tokens. It can take as little as 3 simple steps as covered in this Tweet. If you wish to learn more, we have also prepared a straightforward FAQ for you.

To summarize a few key points here: users are able to stake their ICE tokens anywhere from 7 days to 3 years, with longer time periods being rewarded with a better BlueICE ratio. This tokenomics model was chosen because it immediately encourages and rewards long-term investors to stay with the project, and builds a community of committed governors for the upcoming IronDAO.

BlueICE stakers are able to “unlock” their tokens by paying a 30% exit penalty on their ICE collateral. The ICE charged as the penalty immediately burns ICE tokens. At this point, the vast majority of stakers definitely seem to be happy earning USDC at current rates as very few stakers are unlocking.

So what’s next?

As we continue to add products to the Iron Ecosystem portfolio, additional revenue streams will add to the governance staking payout. The Iron Finance team is thankful to the community for their continued support as more products continue to launch, including IronLend, IRON Stablecoin and more. — making it even more attractive to hold and lock your ICE tokens. Below is a sneak peek of our current and upcoming ecosystem building blocks.

Iron Finance Ecosystem Preview v1

For more information on Iron Finance, please visit our website and join our Discord community. Thank you for reading!

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