BSC investment Vaults are live! 50M IRON supply reached!

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3 min readApr 20, 2021

For the intro article on Iron Finance Investment Vaults see:

First and first! We are very excited to announce that $24M BUSD has already been deployed, see TXID. This marks the launch of Iron Finance Investment Vaults tailor-made by Value DeFi team and using their battle-tested, audited vSafe technology. Value DeFi will soon release the vault front-end.


Secondly, (excitement intensifies!), in order to make the vaults launch even more successful, we must highlight that our Total Collateral Value, the maximum amount of idle assets available for investment vaults, has nearly doubled over the past 48h, as a result of over 20M in IRON newly minted, and now amounts to over $48M. And third, this coincides with another major milestone: IRON supply has exceeded 50 million!

Next, a few more important news and details.

IFGV#4 and IFGV#5 results

Governance voting has ended and the results are:

IFGV#4: 61% have voted for the max percentage of collateral allocated for the investment vaults to be at 75%
IFGV#5: 60% have voted for reserve collateral threshold to be at 15%

We have kicked off the vaults with 50% of collateral allocated (instead of 75%, as voted) and gradually increase towards 75% over a short period. We will also start with 25% threshold and gradually decrease towards the target 15%.

Investment Vault kick-off strategy

We want to launch our vaults in a controlled manner, gradually increasing the complexity of investment strategies. The initial $24M BUSD is now deposited in Alpaca’s staking farm. This amounts to 50% of our idle collateral at the time of writing this. As a next step, we are already looking forward to developing multi-strategies vaults and are excited to have Governance decide.

Investment Vaults stats — Treasury page

We have just released a dedicated UI with key stats so users can easily and transparently track key performance indicators and statistics such as investment allocations, utilization ratio, funds flow, profitability, and others. The scope of KPIs will be expanded and historical data will be included as well.

Current Foundry Utilization Ratio (UR)

We are still optimizing a dozen of parameters within the Iron Finance ecosystem. Currently, for a few epochs, we are testing a fixed BUSD allocation amount per epoch for Foundry rewards. The amount is currently set at $30k per epoch. The displayed UR is just implied, i.e. calculated based on the fixed allocation.

We will also be testing a fixed APR model (code is already ready) in the future, especially when we have a more stable amount of idle collaterals deployed for vaults and some profitability performance history.

Diamond Hand Investment Vaults launch

Coming soon! For Diamond Hand, idle collateral consists of BTC and BNB. At kick-off, these assets will be invested following IFGV#4 and IFGV#5 parameters. Investment strategies will be voted separately thereafter.


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