Iron Finance Expansion to Polygon


The Iron Finance ecosystem is going cross-chain to the Polygon (Matic) network. We’re doing this to bring our protocols and products to new users on Polygon and for our ecosystem to grow on multiple chains simultaneously! Polygon is an Ethereum side-chain which at the moment offers lightning-fast and super cheap transactions.

How is it going to work?

Beefy partnership

Tokenomics on Polygon

TITAN emission

  • Total supply: 1 billion
  • Allocation: 700 million for community liquidity mining, 300 million for Treasury
  • The Treasury fund will be used for partnerships, collaborations, marketing, as dev fund and to incentivize the Foundry and it is vested over 36 months. There is no pre-mine or dev reward, just 5k IRON and 45k TITAN has been mined to launch the project and to add initial funds to liquidity pools.

TITAN liquidity on SushiSwap!

  • The exact block height of the launch will be announced
  • Emission rate at launch: 639,270 TITAN per day
  • TITAN/MATIC: 191,780 TITAN per day (30%)
  • IRON/USDC: 447,488 TITAN per day (70%)
  • There will be no locked rewards with these farms and new farms may be added later!

The Foundry (TITAN staking)

  • Once we have accumulated some excess collateral for distribution, the Foundry with TITAN/IRON LP token staking will go live as well. The Foundry will include certain updates which are already live with DiamondHand Castles on BSC. Further details will be shared in a separate article.
  • TITAN staking, which earns TITAN rewards, will be live at launch.
  • No locked rewards

Benefits for Iron Finance on BSC

We will announce a strategy that will ensure that our protocol on BSC benefits from our presence on Polygon since Iron Finance first launched on BSC and it now helps to launch on the Polygon network. This way, the two protocols on these two chains will contribute to each others’ growth. Exact details about cross-chain synergies and direct economic benefits for STEEL holders will be explained later this month.

partial-collateralized stablecoin on bsc and polygon —

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