Iron Finance Partners With DFYN

Iron Finance
2 min readJul 16, 2021


The Iron Finance and DFYN teams are proud to announce an extensive partnership between the two protocols. Both teams look forward to fruitful cooperation centered upon strengthening both communities and the Polygon ecosystem and beyond. Initial areas of focus will be mutually incentivizing healthy liquidity, followed by long-term synergies as both protocols build out additional products.

Key Features on Both Platforms

DFYN is much more than your typical AMM — it is a multi-chain AMM DEX currently functional on the Polygon network, whose nodes on various chains act as liquidity entry and exit points into the cross-chain liquidity super mesh powered by its Router Protocol. It brings a whole new flavor of trading experience with its gasless transactions for all L2 blockchains and its inter-blockchain approach. DFYN’s inherent ability to bridge blockchains will help IRON to expand beyond the limits of Polygon. The combination of DFYN’s cutting-edge technology and Iron Finance products model will prove a powerful one in every ecosystem.

Iron Finance v2 will be much more than a stablecoin — it will be a fully equipped stablecoin DEX (currently offering best stablecoin rates on Polygon) and lending platform, making it a DeFi one-stop-shop for lending, borrowing, collateralizing, leveraging, farming, and much more. Paired with DFYN’s powerful Router Protocol that enables bridging liquidity between chains, Iron Finance users could potentially utilize these powerful features on an inter-chain basis. This means interchain lending, borrowing, farming, and so on!

New Liquidity Pools

To celebrate the partnership, both teams have mutually launched a new ICE/DFYN ecosystem farm that will begin with 16,000 DFYN incentives per day as an incentive. At current valuation, that is nearly $23k per day in incentives— $9M annually!

DFYN has also launched an incentivized TITAN/DFYN farm as a tribute to the IRON v1 community and its loyal holders. The pool rewards 2000 DFYN per day and at the time of writing has an APR of 700%!


We are thrilled to announce this mutually beneficial partnership and look forward to seeing it develop. As both projects build out new products and expand roadmaps, we will look for more opportunities to synergize.



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