IronLend Launch Update

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2 min readJul 19, 2021


IronLend preview

We have approached the final phase of IronLend development, scheduled to go live by end of July! Supplying liquidity on IronLend will be a simple and very intuitive option for both beginners and experienced crypto holders to earn interest on their crypto assets.

IronLend will create markets for blue-chip assets on Polygon network (think of the most liquid ones), that will allow users to become suppliers and borrowers. The usage of BlueICE and ICE tokens in IronLend can be summarized in 3 categories.

1. Platform fees for BlueICE stakers (IronLend Profit Model)

We have designed the IronLend model to have lending platform fees flowing to BlueICE stakers (via USDC dividends). This means that BlueICE stakers will receive IronLend fees in addition to the current 7k USDC per day IronSwap fees, effectively boosting the APR%.

Note that if governance (BlueICE holders) will want to use a portion of fees to burn ICE (instead of 100% of lending fees being distributed in USDC to stakers), we will leave that up for voting.

2. ICE lending and borrowing

This will be an additional use case for ICE token, to boost liquidity as well as enable more trading strategies for participants. To avoid short selling of ICE, we will first enable ICE to be used as collateral.

3. BlueICE as a governance token

…for voting on IronLend parameters and relevant matters. Lending usually has more complex and important proposals and voting decisions comparing to other DeFi products. For example, if someone wants to open a new borrowing and lending market for (let’s say) BIFI token, then if the Beefy Finance community really wants it, they will need to hold BlueICE to gain voting power to secure a positive outcome. This will result in positive price pressure because ICE needs to be bought and locked in order to obtain BlueICE.



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